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  • Pierce doesn't miss a beat after double hip replacement

  • Dr. Benjamin Hansen, MD as an orthopedic surgeon exhibits a high degree of confidence and professionalism. He accomplished spectacular results in replacing both hips. One required reconstruction to hold the implant.

    The x rays after completion showed great results.

    Being able to go from confinement to a wheelchair to walking normally two months after the second hip replacement.

    Thank you Dr. Hansen for giving me back my independence and taking away the pain!

    By - John P.
  • benjamin_hansen

    Gave the new hip a test drive. It’s awesome! Thanks again.

    By - Kasey J.
    Anterior Hip Replacement 2015
    11-Jan-2018 05:13 AM
  • Bilateral knee replacements

    After receiving bilateral knee replacements in 2007, I got infections in both knees Jun 15. Dr Hansen removed the hardware, installed spacers until the infection could be cleared up, then installed new knees. Dr Hansen is a talented, caring surgeon that I would recommend to anyone.

    By - Savid S
    11-Jan-2018 05:05 AM
  • Utah man 1st to summit Mt. Everest with 2 knee replacements

    ALPINE — Even after having both of his knees replaced, Greg Paul finally experienced the top of Mount Everest.

    The 61-year-old mountaineer “has become the first known climber to summit Mount Everest with two total knee replacements,” according to Ortho Development Corporation, the manufacturer of his implants and a sponsor of his trip.

    Paul tried to summit the mountain twice before, but was deterred by extreme weather and a deadly avalanche that killed 16 Sherpas and closed the mountain. Recently, he was part of the Himalayan Experience expedition team and was among the first group of people to summit the mountain in three years, Ortho Development Corp. reported.

    “We extend our congratulations to Greg Paul and his expedition team on this incredible accomplishment,” Ortho Development president Brent Bartholomew said in a statement. “Just three years ago, the pain from arthritis was so severe for Greg that he had a hard time walking up and down stairs. For him to now have climbed the tallest mountain in the world is nothing short of amazing. Our congratulations also go out to doctors Marc Mariani and Benjamin Hansen from the Salt Lake Orthopaedic Clinic, along with all of the skilled health care professionals who assisted in Greg’s knee replacement surgeries. This is a monumental day for orthopedics and total joint replacement surgery.”

    Before having his first knee replacement in 2008, Paul’s pain in his right knee was interfering with his daily routine and his ability to mountain bike, ski and climb. He experienced similar pain in his left knee, and it was replaced in 2012, according to Ortho Development.

    “With Ortho Development’s Balanced Knee® System in both of his knees, Paul felt confident about his Everest summit attempt. During his training and acclimatization period on Everest, he reported that his knees were doing great and were the least of his worries,” the company reported.

    “I made it to the top of the world today and I am safe at camp 2,” he said on his blog. “I could not be happier and so tired at the same time. Nawang and I were the first on top of world on Friday the 13th, the luckiest date of the year, not to mention that it is tie dye day as well. It was the worst weather and best weather all in one day. I really thought we could die up there, but I prayed hard for the weather to change. It did not exactly happen in time for my summit, but about 45 minutes later it was beautiful. Wow what a day!”

    Paul called KSL Newsradio from Everest Base Camp and said he was tired and that it was hard to get out of his tent to make the phone call.

    He and his sherpa were the first people to summit Friday, and he was the first to reach base camp after summiting.

    “We will start our trek down Valley on Wednesday and get to Kathmandu on Saturday. I cannot wait to get home now, but patience is the name of the game,” he said on his blog Monday. “I will provide more details and pictures at another time as I am still worn out and we need to get packed up and ready to go. Thanks for all the support!! I am so amazed by the past few days and still cannot believe we made it to the TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!”

    Source: www.ksl.com

  • Anterior Hip Replacement

    After years of hip pain caused by osteoarthritis I sought out an Orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Benjamin Hansen came highly recommended and he was definitely the right choice. After discussing treatment options with Dr. Hansen I realized anterior hip replacement was the best option and that right and left hips would require surgery. I felt comfortable with Dr. Hansen as he listened actively and carefully to my questions and concerns. Surgery for my left hip was scheduled 3 weeks later. I was up and walking with a walker the day of surgery, and was released from the hospital the following day. Finally no pain! I did not require the prescribed pain medication and did not take any over the counter meds. I followed up with physical therapy and used forearm crutches for 6 weeks. 3 months later, I had surgery on my left hip. Prior to surgery, I needed a sock-aid to put on my socks. Just a trip to the grocery store was agony, and sleeping was non-existent. I have now been able to return to an active lifestyle. I can hike, go to spin class, sleep, all with no hip pain or discomfort. These surgeries have changed my life and wish I had done them 2 years prior. Thank you Dr. Hansen for your skill and care!

    By - Teresa M.
    11-Jan-2018 05:03 AM
  • Total Hip Replacement – Right Knee

    Total right hip replacement, completed by Dr. Hansen, was a very positive experience. First symptoms of pain appeared the end of September and the following spring I was crouched over nearly unable to walk.

    Misdiagnosis by a previous doctor left a questions as to whether the unbearable pain emanated from my back or hip. One look at the x-rays and Dr. Hansen knew exactly what needed to be done.

    The original plan was to wait until my a summer break but exacerbated pain required a remedy. Dr. Hansen graciously worked around my tight schedule, surgery was performed and I was well enough to return to work within a matter of weeks. Now a year later I feel fabulous!

    As a quick side note before surgery I had mentioned my concerns about being overweight and its effects on my body. Dr. Hansen gave me the best advice possible. Restricting caloric intake and eating healthy foods has given me a body 32 pounds lighter within the last year.

    My personal choice of foods included maximum amounts of lean protein including skinless chicken and at least two eggs a day. Plenty of nonfat dairy was also on my acceptable list and by cutting carbohydrates to a minimum helped me achieve the weight loss.

    Thank you Dr. Hansen for your surgical skills, care, and advice.

    By - Ronda W.
    11-Jan-2018 05:02 AM
  • Total Knee Replacement

    I had a total knee replacement in April of 2014 by a different Dr. It was still extremely swollen and unstable after a full year. Dr. Hansen was able to fix the spacers on the replacement.Within a short time, I felt better than I had in many years. He is a very caring Dr. And his staff is also great to work with. I would definitely see him in the future for any of my orthopedic needs.

    By - Lori
    11-Jan-2018 05:01 AM
  • Left knee replacment after infection

    I had both my knees replaced in 2010. Everything was great until December of 2013 when I developed cellulitis in my left lower leg. I was hospitalized for IV antibiotics and sent home 3 days later on oral antibiotics. Things seems to be improving. Ten days later I was readmitted for an infected knee. Dr. Hansen was the Dr. on call and he took me to surgery and did a partial knee removal and washed out the joint, then replaced the knee three days later. I was on IV antibiotics for 9 weeks and then on oral antibiotics for 7 months. With the approval of the infectious disease Dr. and lab work that supported the decision I came off the oral antibiotics. Eighteen days later I was readmitted with infection in that same knee. Lab work showed it was the same bacteria as before, so I had never really gotten rid of it, it was just suppressed. So again back to the OR for a complete removal of the knee and placement of an antibiotic spacer. This left me non-weight bearing and in a wheel chair unable to walk. I did this for over 3 months. I was taken back to the OR for a knee replacement but when Dr.Hansen looked into the knee he did not feel it was ready for the new joint and put in a new antibiotic spacer. More cultures were sent and lab work done. Three more weeks of the wheelchair and no walking. Finally after four and a half months , I went to the OR to get my new knee. There was a complication at the end of the case where the lining lifted away from the bone near the origin of the medial collateral ligament which is crucial to the stabilization of the knee, my bone had just been through so much by this time. This required a washer and screw to be put in to help hold the lining to the bone, and then Dr. Hansen put me in a brace that only allowed a 40 degree bend. I did that for 3 weeks, and then he allowed the brace to go to 70 degrees, and then to 90 degrees, and then full open but with caution to ”not over do it.”

    I am now three months off antibiotics and no sign of infection. I am walking, and back to work. I appreciate Dr. Hansen’s’ very cautious approach to my case. I feel that because of him I am able to walk again, and the infection is gone. This was a very tough time in my life, but I have to say that keeping a positive attitude was a great contributor to my success. I kept a gratitude journal which helped me look for the positive things that were happening. I also would say to anyone who is going through a similar experience that going to a rehab center for therapy after discharge from the hospital is crucial for your success. I can’t speak to all of the rehab centers but I know that my experience at Legacy Village in Taylorsville was fabulous. The therapy was
    great and I attribute much of my success to the therapists there.

    I would definitely recommend Dr. Hansen for anyone who is needing joint replacement. He takes a very deep and caring attitude with his patients and his staff is great to work with as well. I don’t think I would be where I am today without him.

    By - Debbie K.
    11-Jan-2018 05:01 AM
  • Total hip replacement – Right Hip

    I knew I needed a hip replacement and I interviewed 5 doctors before choosing Dr. Hansen to perform my surgery. I was looking for a surgeon that was progressive and understood my need to get back to full activity as soon as possible; someone that would be a part of my team to get me to full function with minimum downtime. Dr. Hansen is caring, patient and extremely skilled. He took plenty of time to answer all my questions and his office assistant Andrea is extremely competent (secured me the first surgery of the day).

    I am two weeks post op of an anterior hip replacement – walked the day of surgery, left the hospital without crutches and I am walking without assistance. I have good range of motion and although Dr. Hansen sent me home with pain meds, Extra strength Tylenol did the trick.

    Dr. Hansen is an outstanding surgeon/doctor and is a super-star at performing a total hip replacement – he has it perfected. He gets my complete vote of confidence and I highly recommend this caring and skilled surgeon. It doesn’t get any better than Dr. Hansen.

    By - Deb H.
    11-Jan-2018 04:59 AM
  • Left total knee replacement

    I chose Dr. Hansen based on his hospital and professional affiliations and an initial pre-surgery visit. My surgery was very successful and I was able to resume activities ahead of the normal time lines. I had not been bowling in years. I can now enjoy bowling and activities I had stopped doing due to pain. If you follow his instructions, you simply cannot go wrong in choosing him as your doctor.

    By - Barbara D.
    10-May-2017 01:57 AM
  • Right and Left full Hip Replacement

    Dr. Benjamin Hansen is a warm and friendly doctor. From my first visit, I felt safe in his hands. He did my right hip first and then my left hip. my hips have healed fine. Whatever I requested pre-surgery, he did it, I wanted to be the first surgery of the day and he made it happen. I felt like he is my friend. His visits in the hospital were casual and yet I felt safe in his hands. I recommend Dr. Hansen highly and trust his knowledge.

    By - Laura S.
    10-May-2017 01:53 AM
  • Total left hip replacement

    I walked into Dr. Hansen’s office scared, concerned and dreading having to go through another hip replacement. Four years prior another physician replaced my right hip and the experience was ”less” than satisfactory, actually very painful and still is. I am six months out from a left hip replacement, I have to remind myself I have a new hip. I was sent home with a prescription for pain killers, but managed on Extra Strength Tylenol. I was up and walking the day of surgery and crutch free the first week out and back at work in two weeks, a ”vastly” different experience from the first replacement. From start to finish Dr. Hansen has been supportive, informative and caring. I credit his technic and experience as a surgeon to my successful recovery. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Benjamin J. Hansen MD to anyone who is looking for the help of a skilled surgeon who also has a heart.

    By - Janeen S.
    10-May-2017 01:53 AM
  • 2 total hip replacements

    I have nothing but praise for Dr. Hansen. A year ago I was suffering from an adverse reaction to an osteoporosis medication. I could barely walk. I can now bike, hike and do all the activities that I never thought I would do again. Dr. Hansen was so professional but he was also very caring. I had both hips replaced in about a month and after the second surgery it was about three weeks before I could do more than I was able to do in over a year! I would recommend him to anyone needing any kind of joint replacement! For me he is the best there is!

    By - Nancy S.
    10-May-2017 01:51 AM
  • Dr. Hansen is a great surgeon! He is very professional with very high skill levels. He had awesome bed side manners and he is the first surgeon that has ever personally called three times after surgery to see how I was doing. I hope I don’t ever need another surgery, but if I did I wouldn’t let any one but Dr. Hansen operate on me. I highly recommend him as a physician,surgeon and great person.

    By - Mike P.
    10-May-2017 01:50 AM
  • Dr. Hansen performed my total right hip replacement on April 1. Prior to surgery, he informed both my husband and I the type of procedure he was going to perform. He answered all of our questions and concerns with confidence. After the surgery, he met with my husband and addressed all his concerns. Dr. Hansen and his staff made the entire event go smoothly. Which wasn’t an easy task considering his patient. Prior to my surgery I researched all qualified ortho., doctors. I’m really happy that I chose Dr. Hansen. I was apprehensive initially thinking he was to young to do my surgery. Was I wrong. He is a genus and as far as I am concerned has the anterior hip replacement procedure perfected.

    By - Kathleen M. H.
    10-May-2017 01:48 AM
  • Hi, my name is Gail Pay; I am a 73year old widow who one year ago could not walk. I had such intense pain in my hip that I could hardly move. I had been practically bed ridden for three months. I worked with Dr Hansen’s office to have my surgery scheduled for Sept 10th 2013, one week after I returned from a visit to California. While I was in California it seems the head of my femur had deteriorated to half its normal size. I am so grateful that he was so observant. He noticed right away the change in my hip. Thankfully he was willing to go ahead with the surgery right away.

    The surgery went on as scheduled and the out come was amazing. Dr Hansen uses the latest techniques possible and he did an anterior approach on my hip. I honestly can say that in comparison to my pre surgery pain, post surgery was almost painless. I did not need my morphine pump in the hospital. I took a couple of pain pills the two days in the hospital and then was transferred to a rehab hospital for my post surgery care. I never needed any pain medication except Tylenol for the remainder of time in the rehab hospital. I credit Dr Hansen for my speedy and complete recovery. My friends were all amazed that I was walking so well. I did not need a walker or a cane from the time I left the rehab hospital.

    This has been a life changing experience for me. I am very grateful to Dr Hansen and his excellent surgical skills. Post surgery care has been excellent as well.
    I highly recommend Dr Benjamin J. Hansen to anyone who needs the help of an orthopedic surgeon, particularly with hips. He is the best!!!

    By - Gail P.
    Anterior Hip Replacement
    10-May-2017 01:47 AM
  • We had such an extraordinary experience with Dr. Hansen. My husband suffered a complete rupture of his quadriceps tendon while doing a crossfit routine at the gym. Dr. Hansen happened to be nearby when he fell, and immediately explained to him what had just happened and assisted in getting him into an ambulance. At the emergency room, we learned that his hospital was not one that accepted our insurance, and that it would be about 6 days until we could get in for surgery at another hospital to repair the injury. Dr. Hansen stepped in and said he didn’t want my husband waiting that long. He actually cleared his schedule for that day, went through the necessary hoops to perform the surgery at a hospital that our insurance accepted, and actually performed the surgery himself that very afternoon! My husband recovered a good month and a half ahead of schedule, thanks to Dr. Hansen’s extraordinary compassion in taking those extra steps that he didn’t have to, to do the repair immediately. All along he was completely professional and confident. He explained everything about the injury and the repair, both before and after the surgery. That in itself was incredible, but that wasn’t all. The day after surgery, my husband was pretty devastated and very depressed. Dr. Hansen called to see how he was doing, and then proceeded to tell him that even though he didn’t know him, he knew he’d picked the right guy to help, because he was swarmed with people at the gym who wanted to know how he was doing. He said he could see that he helped a good man. Nothing I or anyone else could have said that day would have lifted his spirits like that phone call, which he was under no obligation to make. Dr. Hansen was FAR beyond just an excellent, competent orthopedic surgeon. His compassion and the extra steps he took both to do the surgery in the first place (which was amazing in itself!) and to make that truly compassionate phone call afterwards show that he is an extraordinarily caring person. The surgery itself was done perfectly, and the healing time was well ahead of schedule with no complications. I’m still amazed at the experience we had, with this kind and extraordinarily talented, professional and truly caring person. I will recommend Dr. Hansen to anyone and everyone, and I am genuinely grateful to him beyond what I can express.

    By - Jodie A.
    10-May-2017 01:46 AM
  • After having three surgeries from other physicians, Dr. Hansen was the one that saved my knee and I’m walking today because of his expert care. He’s professional and knowledgeable. I’m so glad I went to him when I could not walk due to other unsuccessful procedures. I credit his knowledge for my mobility today. He also is a very honest and positive communicator. He cares about his patients and it shows. Thanks Dr. Hansen and I would refer you to all my friends and family members if they need orthopedic services.

    By - Frank F.
    Knee replacement
    10-May-2017 01:45 AM
  • Prior to my surgery I was crippled. Each day I suffered from severe knee pain and became more and more unhappy and uncomfortable until I met Dr. Benjamin Jacob Hansen at St. Marks Hospital. He cared enough to listen to what was ailing me. He replaced my left knee in November and the right knee in January. The knees had to be realigned so that I could walk straight. Prior to the surgery I had to walk on the side of my foot, which wore the sole of my shoe on the side. Now after the surgeries I can walk in comfort and my legs are straight. I can truly say that I feel as if I were 21 years old once again and in my prime. I am very happy with the results and I would recommend Benjamin Jacob Hansen. I personally feel that he performed a miracle.

    By - Robert M.
    Bilateral Knee Replacements
    10-May-2017 01:44 AM
  • The wonderful different forms of technology used in medicine and in our everyday lives are able to solve many of our problems. However, it is not only the technology, but also the skill of competent professionals that is necessary to solve many problems.I consider myself to be very lucky and privileged to have been taken care of by one such professional when I broke my right tibia one year ago. Dr. Benjamin Hansen, a young orthopedic surgeon, is a bright, charismatic, affectionate doctor with uncommon humility who treated me with very special kindness. Dr. Hansen fixed my fractured tibia with an intramedullary nail and now I have fully healed from this injury without any complications of any kind. Thank you Dr. Hansen and your team, for your wonderful work, support, caring, and personal kindness. It is my privilege to recommend Dr. Hansen to anyone in need of care. If anyone would like to contact me for more information about Dr. Hansen I can be contacted by phone (801) 864-2703. Writer and Journalist…

    By - Manoel S.
    President and CEO of www.radiofomentos.tk, belonging to the MS Group-Communication and Events.
    10-May-2017 01:42 AM
  • A note of recognition and thanks to Doctor Ben Hansen, MD. I had been dealing with hip pain for the past couple of years, as the result of getting older, being very atheletic in my life, and the hip just plum wore out. I finally got tired of experiencing pain, sometimes tearful pain, while doing very simple movements that involed the hip, like lifting my foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal,not being able to raise my leg over my motorcycle and enjoy riding with my friends, and most frustrating not being able to walk without pain. After missing several summer rides and several rounds of golf, I made the decision to contact Doctor Hansen and see if he could help me.

    Doctor Hansen analyzed my xrays and very professionally explained to me in terms that I actually could understand, that my hip was a good candidate for replacement. He clearly explain the pros and cons of the procedure, along with ensuring me of his confidence performing the procedure, making me feel very comfortable in making the decision to procede with the surgery. WOW!!! I am ever so glad I did, the almost instant pain relief was well worth it and enjoying the ability to move in such simple ways with no pain that were so painful prior was awesome.

    I was extremely nervous about having this surgery, to the point of actually wanting to cancel it while I was in pre-op. Dr. Hansen provided me the comfort and support I needed at the time, enabling me to decide to go ahead and get it done. I understand this type of procedure can many different affects/results on different people, my experience could not be anymore satisfactory and I wouldn’t hesitate to reccommend Dr. Hansen to anyone considering or needing hip work. Well done Doc., thanks for your professionalism, comforting support during a trialing time in my life, you and your office staff have been wonderful to work with. I will most definitely visit you again if my other hip starts acting up, which I truly hope it doesn’t.
    Thanks for everything,

    By - Robert P.
    Hip Replacement recipient
    10-May-2017 01:41 AM
  • In October 2011, I took an outdoor fall on a rainy day with both arms full of books. A trip to the emergency room by ambulance confirmed that the hip was broken. I had not met Dr. Benjamin Hansen before, but he was the surgeon who did my hip replacement. When I came out of the anesthetic, my husband and brother, who were both there, talked about how impressed they were with Dr. Hansen. He carefully explained all that had been done, and shared the before and after x-rays so they could see and better understand for themselves. My husband is an “I want all the details” man, and I have seldom heard higher praise of a doctor by anyone than his words of praise for Dr. Hansen.

    Dr. Hansen treated me with that same kindness and willingness to answer all my questions. He checked on me often in the hospital, and I felt he really cared about my recovery. Phone calls I made to ask more questions were answered and never left me feeling I had been a nuisance. That same concern was shown when I went for the six week check-up, and he never made me feel, as some other doctors have, that he was hurried or impatient to “get the appointment over with.”

    I just returned from my six month check-up and was delighted that the same pleasant and caring manner had not changed. My hip truly feels as good as new. I can walk and even run with ease. I just returned from a trip to Petra in Jordan, where I spent 6 hours in one day walking and climbing all over that rough terrain. (I can’t do the splits, but then I’m 70 and haven’t been able to for many years. It was a real bonus to find Dr. Hansen now also has another office, located at Lone Peak Medical Campus in Draper- much closer to my home!

    If anyone asked me to rate Dr. Hansen

    By - Leslie P. R.
    10-May-2017 01:38 AM
  • On January 5, 2012, Dr. Benjamin Hansen performed a hip revision surgery on my left hip.

    This hip component had originally been implanted in February, 2009. Unfortunately, it was a faulty metal on metal prosthetic design, that lead to a health crisis that included cobalt poisoning and consequent severe muscular deterioration and degeneration.

    No words can adequately describe the horrific symptoms I suffered from 2009 until my recent hip revision. Pain, vertigo, cognitive impairment, buzzing in my ears, tasting metal, fatigue and nausea were all present. I consulted with numerous doctors attempting to find the cause my declining health, but to no avail.

    When a blood test in November, 2011, revealed the cobalt poisoning, I was referred to Dr. Hansen for the hip revision. Dr. Hansen had just joined the Salt Lake Orthopaedic Clinic at St. Mark’s Hospital in August, 2011, with a noted background to include a fellowship from Duke University, performing hip revisions with complicated issues such as mine.

    I was impressed with Dr. Hansen’s knowledge of this “surfacing danger” in the orthopedic community, resulting from implantation of metal on metal hips. His explanations were very concise, and his sensitive concern for me and the critical symptoms I was experiencing were evident.

    As a doctor’s daughter, I was reared to expect “excellence in medicine.” I felt very confident that Dr. Hansen identified with the critical nature of my health issues and that he possessed the necessary technical training to rectify this health crisis.

    The surgery was performed on January 5th. Severity of the muscle damage was great. A pseudo tumor had manifested in the hip and inflammation had caused complete deterioration of a great deal of musculature in the surrounding area. Not only did Dr. Hansen need to replace the hip, but it was necessary to select the most suitable replacement that would give me the stability I would need to compensate for the damaged and destroyed muscles. Reconnection of muscle tissue was necessary and meticulous detail was given to provide me with the best of all solutions during this surgery.

    It has been only three weeks from my surgery date and I am able to walk cautiously around my home with minimal assistance. I feel the strength in my hip as never before. The cobalt poisoning symptoms have abated, and I am confident that my quality of life is being restored and my health protected because of the dedication to the “excellence in medicine,” that Dr. Hansen possesses.

    Throughout this entire ordeal, Dr. Hansen has been supportive to encourage me and dissuade my fears. While I was in transitional care, he was attending an orthopedic conference in New York, but that did not deter his concern for me. He made certain I was doing well with a personal phone call to me and continuous updates from my nurses. This, as example of his dedication.

    Not only is he highly skilled, but he is a caring, thoughtful doctor who truly aligns the physical health and emotional welfare of his patient at the forefront.

    I would recommend Dr. Hansen with the highest regard! Any patient who has the opportunity to experience his dedication, technical skills, and patient care, will find that they have been truly blessed.

    Respectfully submitted,

    By - S R Thompson
    10-May-2017 01:36 AM
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